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About July 12, 2009


I live in Ottawa and describe myself as a planet-conscious/moderate neat freak with a recessive frugal gene. I am trying to balance family, odd part-time jobs and life with humour and caffeine.

This blog is my personal space, labor of love and a connection to community.  Implementing healthy and eco-friendly changes in our home has been a frustrating process. I am bumbling along using a trial by error method and have a long list of misses to show for it. I focus on healthy living, green ideas and environmentally friendly products I think are goodies.  I also throw in some parenting and yummy food talk just to mix it up a little. This is my attempt to encourage small green changes, save some money (and headaches!)…and have a few laughs.

Marketing and PR folks – I welcome updates about environmental initiatives, community/charity events, and earth friendly product information.  I do not write reviews for payment or free product.  I do not participate in promotions or giveaways.  Anything I suggest I purchase myself, personally use, and really really like. The opinions I express are entirely my own. 

I love to hear from people that read my blog.  LOVE IT!  Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.  You can contact me at themindfulmerchant (at) gmail (dot) com

I am also on Twitter @mindfulmerchant