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Resubscribe – Blog Chi Restored March 30, 2011

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The Mindful Merchant blog has been experiencing technical difficulties. 

Changes were made to my weblog due to problems inadvertently created after I tinkered with widgets, favicons and plug-ins. (WordPress design features I have no business using.)   New posts and updates have not reached all MM subscribers. Thanks to some expert help, my fixed website has a new subscription link and a few other beneficial additions. Good blog Chi is once again flowing.

If you have subscribed in the past, please resubscribe to my new RSS feed.   The original feed no longer works.

For non-computer wizards (like myself) wondering what the heck I’m blathering about, subscribing is a convenient and easy way to receive updates from blogs, news articles and other websites you enjoy. Instead of searching for updates, information is delivered to an email or a reader of your choice.

The top right hand corner of the Mindful Merchant homepage now offers a few subscription options.  There are three round buttons in the top right hand corner; the orange button offers a variety of reading options.  The box below is a spot to type your email address to obtain posts in your inbox.  Either way, both options provide a simple way to stay updated.

Since I am pitching subscriptions…I might as well plug away.  Did you know the Mindful Merchant has a Facebook Page?  Here I share articles about the environment, climate change, health studies, eco-friendly products and more. 

Thank you for reading and commenting.