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Cucumber Query July 9, 2010

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I am one of those bad friends that never reply to FW: emails. You know, the ones that tell the recipient they are special and important. The kind that usually end with threats like seven years of bad luck if you fail to send it out to 20 of your bestest friends in 5 minutes.  No response = doomed for a life of eternal bad luck since not only do I never forward them…I rarely read them.  Delete. Delete. Delete.


There are exceptions to my reading though. When my friend Jen sent me a FW entitled “The AMAZING Cucumber”…how could I not have a peek? This forward was about 13 special ways this vegetable can enhance my life.


(Now do I have your attention?)

cucumbers No, it is not that kind of email. This one explains the health benefits of eating cucumbers that are full of vitamins and minerals. I did not know that cucumbers were that good for us. I thought they were mostly water and not much else.  Not so! <according to the life changing attachment> It also claims you can prevent a hangover, use it to boost energy and other AMAZING things. Jen sent it to me knowing I am interested in non-toxic cleaning options.  


The record-breaking hot temperatures this week meant I spent a lot of time with the kids indoors. Stuck for fun things to do one afternoon I found the old email in a folder and read it to them. We decided to play scientists and test some of the claims.  ( says the claims are undetermined)


First, we tried to clean pen off the basement wall. No one owned up to writing on the wall with pen, but one of our girls names is Sarah. hmmmm   Here is the before, and the after. It did not completely take away the mark, but it is less prominent. We all agreed it was not an effective way to clean the wall.


July_2010_003 July_2010_006

Next, we cleaned the mirror using the cucumber before the girls took their showers. It is supposed to eliminate the glass from fogging up. Unfortunately, the mirror was just as foggy after and I really had to work hard cleaning the smears off the glass.



Finally, we took a pair of Daddy’s dress shoes and “shined” them with the cucumber. Let’s just say, my husband had to get the shoe polish out after we were done with them. He was not impressed with the results, nor our justification that his shoes made a significant scientific contribution.


I have not tested the rest of the claims because we gave up after those three failing results. I must say that I appreciate when people send me green suggestions, please keep those coming. In this case I recommend cucumbers are best enjoyed in a lovely salad, or covering puffy eyes at a spa.


If you receive a FW: titled “The AMAZING Cucumber”, do not get excited. You can delete. Delete. Delete!


You’re welcome.




8 Responses to “Cucumber Query”

  1. Finola Says:

    Hilarious post! Cucumbers are such a great kid-friendly side for us at dinner time, so I hope this doesn’t mean that cucumbers don’t have vitamins either!

    • Thanks Finola. I looked up the nutritional information…it seems cucumbers have more nutritional value if the skin is left on. It is a popular kid-friendly veg in our home too. 🙂

  2. skyliner80 Says:

    I love cucumbers but am not a fan of forwards. They spread false information around and it’s not cool. (I received one once warning people about “gangs in cars flashing their lights and a police number to contact”. Total hogwash. I told the person who sent it to everyone she knew to research the story or claim first before passing it on!)

    Now forwards with cute animals in them with no threats or fear mongering, THOSE I like!

  3. Yes, cute animals add a little ray of sunshine to an email. 🙂

  4. Allison Backal Says:

    Thanks for doing the research for us!! I laughed out loud at this! What a fun mom! 🙂

  5. Karen Says:

    I remember receiving the cucumber email but I deleted it before I had a chance to read it!

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