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Pin It For The Planet June 2, 2010

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May 31st – June 6th  The World Wildlife Fund of Canada launched Pin it for the Planet Campaign. They are inviting Canadians to do the unthinkable and use creative car-free transportation options the week. The idea is to pin your car key in a visible spot to make a personal act public, show your commitment to the environment and inspire conversation.


I find it hard to give up my car. My first instinct is to grab the keys and drive without a thought about the distance…especially when I am in a rush. The crazy thing is that I live in an area where most stores are within easy walking/biking distance too.  I am trying to change that habit, plan ahead and make small changes.


Driving the car less may sound like a big inconvenience, but there are benefits to consider. Decreasing your use of the car will save money on gas, insurance premiums, parking, etc., increased health benefits from exercise, and helping the planet.



Here are some interesting facts from the WWF website.


– If every Canadian left their car home just one day a week, we would save about 4.86 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking about 800,000 cars of the road per year.

– Approximately 70-80% of Canadians drive to work regularly.

– According to the Canadian Automobile Association driving a mid-sized vehicle, 18,000km/year averages more than$8400. in fuel, maintenance and other costs. (A mini-van is approximately $11,200.)


It is mid-week into the Pin It campaign, but not too late to get involved. You can track your contribution on their website and enter to win cool prizes too.  They are not asking Canadians to stop driving completely…just a little less.




10 Responses to “Pin It For The Planet”

  1. Mo Says:

    I won’t pin it, but I’ll try to cut back. Good idea.

  2. Pauline Says:

    I take the bus every day and it sucks! If every city had an extensive rail system along with buses, then ALOT less people would drive!

    I wish I lived within walking distance of my work though, that would be nice!

    • I’ve never had the pleasure of taking the bus here in Ottawa. but I’ve heard the craziest stories about it. In Toronto I did the bus/subway to work every day and it was long, dreary commute…and sometimes a risky adventure. 🙂 Walking to work would be a dream though…

  3. XUP Says:

    If people drove their cars less, we might also not have things like that BP oil leak right now. We’re happy to point the finger at the big bad oil corporation, but forget that if it wasn’t for our greed for oil and oil products the oil industry wouldn’t be as insane as it is and maybe, just maybe a lot of this middle east conflict could be avoided as well. I don’t think we fully understand how wide-ranging the effects of our car dependence are. I don’t have a car at all. I’ve had one in the past and I maintain my license and occasionally rent a car. Ottawa’s transit system blows goats and I have to plan my schedule, errands, etc. carefully, but it’s perfectly possible to live without a car altogether.

    • You and Pauline live the way I want to…travelling without a car. Living in the burbs is part of my excuse and I cannot imagine our life without a car at this time. I have to make big changes though since my driving is contributing to so many problems.

  4. I always feel that the lifestyle we chose – country living, raising our own meat and veg, sustainable farming practices – are beneficial to the environment. But the one BIGGIE that we can’t control is the cars. Sure we can combine errands and make one trip instead of five, but the reality out here in no bus land is that I drive the kids to the school bus stop, then continue to drive to work, then drive to cubs, karate, groceries etc. ALL THE TIME. Even our local corner store is a 8 km round trip bike ride, which is fine for treats – but when you realise you’re out of eggs and are making a cake, guess what – you take the car. At least we drive a fuel efficient one! (Let’s not even talk about the tractor.)

    Still, I applaud the notion that we can all cut back, and that any effort, no matter how small, counts.

  5. ocdriver2010 Says:

    While I love the idea, it would be a serious challenge to participate if you live well outside the densely populated part of Ottawa. On the positive side, my day to day driving habits definitely are oriented to the conservation of fuel.

    • Hello OCdriver 2010! Nice to meet you. It sounds like your driving habits are very eco-conscious. 🙂 I wonder if OC transpo had an increase in riders this week?

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