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Cheep Cheep CHEAP April 17, 2010


5741202 Attention frugal folk. A quick reminder to be on the lookout for the new 2010-11 Healthy Shopper Coupon Book at your local health food stores in the next few weeks. Scoop one up as soon as you find them because they disappear quickly.


coupon_book Coupon clipping might sound ridiculous…but if you are looking for ways to lower your shopping expenses, even small savings add up. This little magazine-like book is purse/backpack sized so it is easy to reference during a shop.


On rare occasion when all the planets are in alignment (or something), I am organized enough to search the Healthy Shopper website for E-coupons. It is FREE  and I usually find coupons for many items on my shopping list like yoghurt, almond milk, detergent, dishwasher tabs etc.


My friend is on the fence about buying organic products but last year’s coupon book inspired her to try some.  I like the Healthy Shopper Coupon Book because I am too cheap to “experiment” with different brands and pay regular  prices.  I cannot deny it, frugality is in my genes.  🙂




10 Responses to “Cheep Cheep CHEAP”

  1. meanie Says:

    love me or hate me, you’ve been nominated! check out my blog for details 🙂

  2. XUP Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I shall be on the look-out for it. I’m only going to use the coupons for things I buy anyway. That’ how cheap I am.

  3. Pauline Says:

    Hmmm..I might have to pick one of those up! (Before they all disappear hopefully)

  4. Thanks for the reminder! I just picked one up at Market Organics today. They have them behind the counter so you have to ask! : )

    M.M. – I haven’t had any luck with the online coupons – Loblaws wouldn’t accept them. This was last summer – fall. Where have you gone that has accepted them?


    • That is so strange Loblaws won’t accept them. I use them at the health food stores in my area (they distribute the Healthy Shopper Coupon books). Here’s my plug for The Natural Food Pantry and Rainbow Foods in Ottawa…both accept the online coupons no problem. I will call Loblaws, perhaps it was just one person and not a company policy?

      • They may accept them now – it was just one experience – the cashier checked with the manager and it was confirmed that she couldn’t take them.

        I will try again or at my local health food store next time. Thanks!

  5. Angila Says:

    hey i want this coupon for buying organic products

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