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Giant Wabbit April 1, 2010

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pet_bunny I first saw this picture on one of my must-read favourite blogs Knitnut.  I contacted the author Zoom to ask if the photo is real.  Unbelievably, this giant Leporidae is legit.

His name is Herman and he is a German Giant Bunny.  He weighs about 22 lbs, measures a little over 3 ft and lives in Berlin.  He eats over 2kg of food every day and loves to dine on lettuce. (How do you get that big eating lettuce?!)

When I showed the kids his photo our youngest said β€œI had no idea the Easter Bunny was named Herman”.   Neither did I.




7 Responses to “Giant Wabbit”

  1. Finola Says:

    Hmmmm, April Fool’s?

  2. XUP Says:

    That wabbit is almost as big as Zoom’s cat, Duncan!!

  3. OMG I love this.

    And hey I just used OMG. Like a teenager. Just call me Cool Mamma.

  4. Hope Says:

    I love that the rabbit’s name is Herman. πŸ™‚

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