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Little House on the Prairie Babble December 30, 2009

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prairie3 Eventually I had to talk Prairie talk…it was only a matter of time.

I discover through years of friendship (and sometimes-red wine) that I know many people who grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and are closeted fans. This kinship runs deep, not obvious by our wearing of bonnets, lemon verbena perfume, or our distain for the name Nelly. It is our ability to quote verbatim Charles Ingalls and an odd yearning to write with chalk. We also share fears of falling down a well or waking up yelling, “I can’t see Pa!” If you did not grow up wishing you lived in Walnut Grove then you probably will not appreciate this post.

Planning my New Year’s resolutions for 2010, I decided to turn to the Little House for my inspiration and ask the question “What would Ma or Pa Ingalls do in our home?” Here is what I have come up with….

  • I am going to use a broom and sweep more instead of hauling out the vacuum for every little mess.
  • I will use cloths to clean and wipe up spills. I think I can fashion some out of old clothing too worn to donate.
  • I will try to cook and bake things from scratch and move away from buying processed stuff.
  • We are going to plant a vegetable garden this spring and live off the land. Actually…from whatever we can grow in containers on the patio.
  • We will try to eat seasonally and support local farmers and merchants.
  • We will make more effort to help in our community.
  • Lastly, I want to learn to “air fiddle” just like Charles. By golly, that man could play a mean fake fiddle! I hope my family will dance around and clap while I air fiddle after dinner on Fridays. 

  Well those are my thoughts as this year ends. All silliness aside, I do want to live a simpler, greener life in 2010. Who is with me?


I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!


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8 Responses to “Little House on the Prairie Babble”

  1. Lisa Says:

    As a closet Little House fan, I found this post quite inspiring. Who knew the Ingalls were so environmentally friendly!

  2. I suspect there are many more of us out there Lisa…

  3. XUP Says:

    Totally with you! I love Little House. In fact, as soon as my daughter was old enough to understand stuff I started reading the whole freakin’ Little House series to her — up to and including the daughter, Rose’s, 2 or 3 books. We got through them all twice before she ever saw an episode of the show. Laura Inglalls Wilder has long been a lifestyle inspiration to me. The woman lived to 101 or something even with (or maybe because of) the years of deprivation, brutally hard work and all the crazy-assed illnesses she survived. Her husband also made it to 98. Happy Prairieing

    • I love the books too!!! We must be “kindred” spirits. lol I have just started the series with my girls…haven’t watched the shows yet. Some of the shows were a little freaky (remember when Ma Ingalls cuts her leg after reading the Bible?)

  4. Jen Says:

    I am in! Except for the air fiddle…i prefer my air guitar. Happy New Years to you guys. xo Jen

  5. Carm Says:

    This was my favorite blog because Little House on the Prairie has a special place in my heart. I just never thought of them as environmentally friendly. I guess that means I just have to watch the episodes again to pick up some tips.

    • Thanks Carm…any excuse to re-read the books or watch old episodes is a good one. I can weave Little House on the Prairie into many topics. I wrote this thinking of you.

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