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Climate Change – a child’s perspective December 2, 2009

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The United Nations Summit on Climate Change begins December 7th  in Copenhagen.  Leaders from 192 countries will gather to discuss and hopefully agree to effective and aggressive new environmental solutions.

While sitting around the kitchen table doing crafts I asked my children and some of their friends what they knew about climate change, and told them about the meeting in Copenhagen.  I asked them this question.   “Do you think it is important Stephen Harper, and the other world leaders make better, tougher laws to protect the earth?”  Here are their responses and pictures.



“People who pollute on purpose should get into trouble, maybe go to jail.  Then more people would listen and stop doing it.” 

Gillian – 9 years old










Ella – 9 years old








“They should stop people littering.  Litter and garbage makes everything sick.”    Ashley – 7 years old










“They should make better laws so the water is not polluted…I have to drink it.  So does my dog.”      Chloe – 7 years old









“I don’t get why you need laws…just don’t hurt the earth!”     Charlotte – 6 years old









“We need good pollution laws so all the animals on the earth are healthy and happy.  Hey, are we animals too?     Sarah – 7 years old











“Too much global warming means we will be worried about water.  Without safe water we can’t grow food.  We can’t live.”  Amanda – 8 years old








“People should stop throwing garbage in the water, cutting down trees and polluting the air so we don’t hurt animals.  Leaders have to care about these things”  Marin – 9 years old





Why is it children understand the gravity of this situation, yet so many grownups cannot?   Climate change threatens our prosperity, our health, the environment and our children’s future.  Let’s hope this summit ensures long-term commitments, strong agreements and real environmental benefits…for the world.   We will soon know if Stephen Harper and the other world leaders have the comprehension, wisdom and compassion of a young child.




3 Responses to “Climate Change – a child’s perspective”

  1. Helen Says:

    why can’t adults be as smart as children?!?

  2. Carm Says:

    I don’t think adults could have said it any better. Maybe they should have kids go speak at the summit. I loved the pictures!!

  3. Angela Says:

    Out of the mouth of babes

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