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Inspiration November 20, 2009

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plastic bags 003 I have known Amanda since the day she popped out into the world 8 years ago. I think that is why it surprises me when I hear how she is growing up…much quicker than my brain can process. Amanda is a happy, smart, theatrical, imaginative ball of energy. Somewhere along the line, she learned to read, write and become a concerned, active citizen of the world. I cannot pinpoint exactly when this happened but I suspect it has something to do with parenting, the educational system and Barney.

Yesterday while chatting with my pal Alli, Amanda (her daughter) came into the room. She had news so exciting it was worth interrupting our conversation. She told us about a letter she received from the “Lunch Lady”. Apparently, Amanda was very concerned about the amount of plastic (specifically plastic bags) the Lunch Lady used for the school lunch program. Amanda voiced her concerns to her teacher who in turn, suggested she write a letter to the Lunch Lady directly. High five teacher!

Amanda received a lovely letter from the Lunch Lady explaining that the plastic bags she had been using were biodegradable and made from corn. She told Amanda that reducing plastics and garbage were her companies concerns too. The result was that Amanda’s letter prompted the Lunch Lady to eliminate the use of plastic bags all together, even though they were biodegradable. She also committed to reduce the litter generated at all the school lunch programs. (Lunch Lady provides lunches for schools throughout Toronto.) Way to go Lunch Lady!

I am impressed. Thank you Amanda for the important reminder to take action and that every individual can make positive environmental changes…even a child.





3 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Lesley Says:

    That is one impressive kid — to stand out, speak up, and take action.

    Illustrates if we all ask a few more questions, take a little more interest – change can happen.

    Kudos to her !!

  2. How cool! Give that girl a big hug!

  3. I will pass along your positive words. Thanks Lesley and Lisa. 🙂

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