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One Minute. Make a difference. November 17, 2009

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“For the sake of all the worlds people, economy and environment, we need an effective global climate treaty now.”    earth

     Dr. Tim Flannery (Scientist, Author, Chair of Copenhagen Climate Council)


Are you the kind of person to attend protests or lend support to groups taking political action for important causes? I am not…until I started reading about climate change. The more I read the more I feel compelled to get involved. My motivation is selfish. I do not want my children and their children to inherit an unfixable disaster. It is that simple.

In Canada, many consider climate change to be just an environmental problem. Not true! Climate change is an all-encompassing threat. It directly affects you, your family,  the environment, economy and the health and safety of the world.

Getting involved is easy. Take a minute to send a message to Stephen Harper and other party leaders that you want Canada to sign an ambitious, fair and binding agreement at the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen this December.


    Click here to join millions of people around the world demanding a global response.

If you would like to read more about climate change and the organizations campaigning for solutions here are some links to check out.


Canada’s Action on Climate Change

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

David Suzuki Foundation – Climate Change 101

The Sierra Club of Canada  – Ten Popular Myths about Climate Change


Please act.  Send a message to our leaders.  Your voice counts.