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Remembrance Day November 9, 2009

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My children’s school celebrates Remembrance Day with a thoughtful ceremony. They listen to a Mom or Dad currently serving our country speak about their experiences, and sing songs of hope and peace. Every year they play a moving video before the two minutes of silence. I had never seen Terry Kelly – A Pittance of Time until I attended a school ceremony. Perhaps you have viewed it too…if not I include it because it is so powerful.


Geography, politics, religion, and language sometimes make it hard for Canadians to identify with one another. We are united in one way – through our freedom and rights. I owe my life, the way I live it, and the privileges that come with being Canadian to all the Veterans who paid for this freedom with their lives. It is our duty as Canadians to remember our fallen Heroes, their counterparts we call Peacekeepers and their families. Once a year, two minutes of silence is not enough to honour these brave men and women.  Please click  Veterans Affairs Canada to find an event or ceremony in your community.  We cannot forget their sacrifices or their achievements.