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H1N1 is giving me a headache November 1, 2009

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These are confusing times. I am obsessed with the amount of information swirling around the media, internet, workplace and schoolyards. Should we get the H1N1 vaccination – or not?  Is it safe?  Whom can we believe?  For every compelling article there is another completely contradicting the argument. Frustration, mistrust, anger, and fear are some of the emotions fuelling the debates. Even attempts to stay neutral or “on the fence” has consequences. Does anyone want to read anything more about the H1N1 virus or vaccination?  Not me.

My husbandOctober 2009 025 and I have had many discussions about H1N1. I bet this is a popular subject in your home too. This morning, after reading the paper and following the twitter chat I started getting very emotional about the subject. He calmly made a few observations that have resonated with me.

He reminded me that everyone makes the best decisions they can for their children and themselves. Period. There is no right or wrong in this situation – there is only what is right for you and your family.

Let us stop judging others. I know I have been doing it (and am embarrassed to admit that). If we ask someone his or her opinion, be prepared to hear something different from our own. If you are not open to hearing anything different, do not ask.

When this pandemic is over, we will look back on this situation and consider what we could have done better, what we should have done differently. In the meantime, we can support our friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, and fellow citizens’ decisions. It is tough enough to wade through the information without having to deal with negativity and animosity from those around us.

This is a good opportunity to re-evaluate our lifestyle – diet, exercise, sleep requirement, hygiene,  our environment and overall health. Making small healthy changes will be a positive outcome during this challenging time.

Be safe and good luck with your decisions. I wish you and your family a healthy year.




5 Responses to “H1N1 is giving me a headache”

  1. Alli Says:

    Amen!! Thanks for the support. I agree 100%, noone makes a decision they feel is a bad one, especially with their children in mind! Yes, let’s stop judging to make ourselves feel better and do what we can. Stay healthy!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Is the debate over whether or not we should get a vaccination or is it over too many people getting vaccinations when they are not considered “high risk”?

  3. Both, I think. There are so many discussions/debates tied to the H1N1 virus and vaccination topic. Everyone has an opinion and a personal story to back it up. So much information to process. Crazy times.

  4. Helen Says:

    Great post! Could not have said it better myself!
    At this time in our lives we have decided to get it (just made a big move and in the past we have always caught everything the first year in a new ‘place’). If it was 6 months a go, we would not.
    Does that make us caring parents now and horrible parents then….or horrible parents now and caring then?!?!? :oP

  5. Lesley Says:

    You are making me feel calmer about this – thanks.

    Seems like my office & kids school is a little quieter this week on the flu absences, so hopefully, we are making progress.

    But I’m not quite ready to turn off CNN & my local 6pm news for the latest report.

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