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Climate Change & soap that “speaks” October 15, 2009

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Today marks an annual event called Blog Action Day ‘09 when bloggers around the world create posts about the same issue in the hopes to spark discussion, interest and inspiration. This year the topic is Climate Change and I have decided to participate (for the first time).

It is trendy to be green these days. “Eco-snobbery” is an interesting term used frequently in debates about this subject. I am unqualified to analyze the social psychology behind environmental conservation. I could reference studies about carbon dioxide fumes, green house gasses released by burning fossil fuels, land clearing and agricultural activities believed to be the primary sources of global warming…but I am not an expert in this area either.

I can only write about my own experience and concerns. After our children were born, my outlook on the world changed. Gradually I became interested in a healthier, safer community and planet. Children fuel my hopes, dreams, and fears about the future.

I want our children and their children will be able to drink safe water and eat nutrient rich food. I hope the world will be peaceful.  I hope that all the creatures and threatened wildlife that are on endangered species lists. will still exist.  I hope that the storm severities and severe weather patterns do not increase as predicted. I want there to be Tundra and polar ice caps. I hope we can change things before the damage is unfixable. It is never too late to start. Every change will have an impact, even the smallest of actions.


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I would like to share a very inspirational quote I found on the side of my laundry detergent bottle. <The herbal tea box did not speak to me in the same powerful way.>


In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations” – from the Great law of the Iroquois Confederacy….(and Seventh Generation laundry soap)


No one needs scary facts and statistics to spur them to act…we just have to think about future generations and do a little more every day to help slow climate change.