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take a hike October 5, 2009

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We have lived in Ottawa for over 3 years. It took our cousins from Toronto to suggest and inspire a visit to Gatineau Park. Thank you Jordanna & Stephen!  This past weekend marked the beginning of Fall Rhapsody  (October 3 – 18)  when the changing tree colours are at their best. I cannot believe we have not visited before since it is less than 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa.

We stopped at the visitors centre and found two scenic hikes suitable for families with young children. We chose the Pink Lake hike and despite a misty cloudy day, enjoyed the  beautiful landscape and fresh air. 

I was not sure how sure our children would manage the hour hike. They did great, walking up all the stairs, looking for little creatures, listening for different birds, and skipping  rocks in the water. Every corner there was something new and exciting to see. This was more entertaining than any T.V. show or video game and we were getting is some good exercise.  After the hike we devoured a picnic lunch (even the veggies were consumed – how crazy is that?!)  and made our way home.

We all want to go back again, try other hikes and explore the park in different seasons. It is an inexpensive, healthy and beautiful way to spend an afternoon as a family. If you are looking for something to do next weekend consider a visit to Gatineau Park (or a park in your area). It is a fun and special way to spend time with family. Happy Trails!