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That’s a Wrap October 2, 2009

My friend Lesley gave me (actually my children)…a gift. It is a new and interesting environmentally friendly product to try in our lunches called a Wrap-N-Mat. It is two products in one, a re-useable sandwich/food wrap and a place mat. How smart!   It is a good-sized piece of fabric lined with plastic and secured with a solid piece of Velcro. The plasticeco%20without%20label%20in%20front%20(150%20x%20100)%20smaller lining is food safe, Phthalate free, lead free and BPA free. Clean up is as simple as wiping down the lining. I can fit a generous sandwich inside and the lining keeps the bread fresh. Once the sandwich is unwrapped, it becomes a place mat. Since my children eat lunches and snacks at their desks it is comforting to think there is at least a place mat keeping their food off the work surface. (I do not want to think about what is growing on the desk!)

At 7 am packing a lunch box is like completing a jigsaw puzzle for me. There is limited space and odd shaped containers that need careful placement so the zipper will close. Without my morning coffee, it is an embarrassing challenge.  Now that we use the soft shaped Wrap-N-Mat, it is a much easier task. It is reusable, fun looking, and works well. Our children like using Wrap-N-Mat and can easily wrap their own sandwiches in the morning. If you are thinking of making your children’s lunches litter-less I think this is a product worth trying.   They make a great gift too – thanks Lesley!




4 Responses to “That’s a Wrap”

  1. Eden Spodek Says:

    This is a great idea, Laura. Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely investigate Wrap-N-Mats for our family. Are they easy to clean?


  2. mindfulmerchant Says:

    Yes Eden, they are super easy to clean…lay them flat and wipe them down. Less clean up = happier me lol 🙂 Laura

  3. Karen Says:

    These sound great. I haven’t seen them in any stores yet..I will have to keep a eye out for them.

    I really like the idea that there is a mat for your child to eat the rest of their lunch on.

  4. Becky (Hope) Says:

    Those are so cute!

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