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Allergies & My Big Mistake September 25, 2009

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clip_image001The first few weeks of school brings home so much information. New school policies, procedures, expectations and important days to remember. I get dizzy trying to stay organized and up to date with everything. This year our school offered communication through the school website as an alternative to newsletters. What a great way to reduce paper!


clip_image001[3]Our children have come home with important allergy information.  They both have friends with life threatening allergies in their classrooms. Every day they sit together in the same room and share “nutrition breaks”. Like other parents, I carefully pack lunches and read labels to make sure they are healthy and safe.  This weekend I made a startling discovery in our home.


clip_image001[5]We are slowly switching over soap, shampoo, conditioner and creams to organic, earth friendly products. My Cousin Sue came for a visit and she told me about her recent diagnosis with a life-threatening allergy to almonds. She informed me of this new development as I was about to sprinkle toasted almonds on our dinner!  Who knew you could develop that type of allergy at this stage in our life?! (after all we are 29 wink wink)   Something made me remember to check the new hand soap I had purchased for the spare bathroom. It had almond oil listed as one of the ingredients. Luckily, she had not used it yet – whew! Perhaps Susan would have checked the ingredients before using but I know a little child would not. 

I wanted to share this story because I worry that this might be a hidden danger in your home too. If you do buy organic soap, creams and beauty products please scrutinize the ingredients list if you are having friends or guests over with life threatening allergies. I am discovering that the majority of products I find contain tree nut or seed oils. While I have read that bathing in a product with the allergens is not a big risk to others with allergies it got me thinking about safety and cross contamination. 

Now I am going to be very careful about all the products we bring into our home.  This might sound extreme to some, but when it comes to the safety of our friends and loved ones…why take the chance?