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Ditch the Disposables 2009 (via the Crunchy Domestic Goddess) September 21, 2009


I am very new to the blogging, twitter tweeting, green living, eco-friendly community. It feels like watching a sports game, observing from the sidelines (sometimes chatting to the people sitting around who look friendly) and enthusiastically cheering along. Talk about a big learning curve! Every day I find more inspiring and interesting blogs to add to my favourites list as I learn the workings of WordPress, Twitter, Google etc.  Good times!

I really enjoy reading a blog called The Crunchy Domestic Goddess. The creator/author of this site is Amy Gates. It is a good read and full of inspiring eco-friendly, healthy ideas. She has implemented a “Ditch the Disposables Challenge 2009”. Last year’s challenge was such a success; she is doing it again. She is asking readers to commit for September and October to ditch some of the disposables used at home for something more earth friendly.  For example, stop using paper towels and napkins or bottled water, eliminating plastic wrap in lunches and the list goes on. (Ditching does not mean throwing away) Please check out her site for all the information.

I have committed to using cloth napkins instead of paper, using a thermal coffee cup, bringing my own bags to the store EVERY shop (no excuses) and eliminating paper towels. The paper towel ditch is going to be a tough one. I use paper towels for every little spill and wipe. Even more reason to try living without them for a while.

Since we are nearing the end of September it would be easy to say “next year, I’ll give it a go”. It certainly would be – but why not join in for the last 5 weeks? Better late than never as my Mom always says. I would like to ask you to join in the challenge  and fun (?) too. Let’s do it!  Which disposables can you eliminate for the next five weeks in your home?

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One Response to “Ditch the Disposables 2009 (via the Crunchy Domestic Goddess)”

  1. Hope Says:

    Hmmmm…since I am a Starbucks addict and not planning on quitting anytime soon…I think I will try giving up the disposable cup my iced coffee comes in and instead bring my own for them to fill.

    Should save some plastic (or whatever those cups are made of) and on a less important note…it will definitely help the ‘full of junk’ status of my car…

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