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Coffee Talk September 8, 2009

2662152024_ca7139a467[1] I love coffee. I also enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon, but aaagh coffee is the nectar of the gods. I credit coffee for getting me through every morning since the birth of my children. Addicted? Perhaps. After a night of  “I peed the bed”, “I lost a tooth” and “When is the tooth fairy coming?” kind of sleep, coffee is the only morning beverage choice for me. I suspect many of you with toddlers and young children are nodding your heads in agreement.

The organic coffee debate is a popular one in our home. My husband emails me articles citing organic marketing fraud blah blah blah. I in turn show him information touting the health and environmental benefits. Perhaps you have this debate in your home too.

Here are my thoughts on the issue. I have consumed a cup of coffee every day, sometimes more, for the last 18+ years. (yikes)  Coffee is a heavily sprayed crop. For those of us trying to avoid pesticides this means buying organic. There are also worker labour rights and farming practices to consider too.

I think Canadians fall into two categories when it comes to coffee…Tim Horton’s and Starbucks. I am a Timmy Ho’s kind of gal and my Hubby is a grande-bold man. We are unable to find an organic coffee that suits either one of our tastes. It has been a frustrating and expensive experiment searching for a good organic coffee and frankly, I cannot bear to drink a whole bag worth of bitter bad sludge. My frugal side has reached its limit.

Has anyone found a great tasting organic coffee? I need a good recommendation please. 🙂




3 Responses to “Coffee Talk”

  1. Hope Says:

    I have not found such an animal…but if I do find one I’ll let you know! 🙂

    In other news…I am a starbucks girl, but whenever I visit Canada, I always wake up all excited and go “OOO CAN WE GO TO TIM HORTONS THIS MORNING!?!” and my husband looks at me like I’m crazy, but takes me there anyway. Not that he doesn’t like Tim Hortons…but he just doesn’t get why its the place I get all excited to go when we’re on vacation. LOL.

  2. gloria.kazda Says:

    Re a good blend of organic coffee
    We enjoy Equator coffee – they have something for every taste but I like the smooth “Freakin’ Good Coffee”. A good way to start the day.

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