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Frugal US – the sequel September 3, 2009


This is a follow up post in response to my American friends inquires regarding a good online coupon site for natural and organic products. I really like The Healthy Shopper Canadian web site for not only coupons, but also good information. Turns out, they have another site called Naturally Savvy and they offer some coupons for shopping in the U.S. There is also a wealth of interesting reading to check out too.  Not only did they promptly answer my questions, they also suggested another super site called Mambo Sprouts. That is very cool, don’t you think? Mambo Sprouts has printable free coupons for organic/natural products and again, lots of great information too. Here are two suggestions to help us frugal North Americans shop and live greener. I hope this saves you some $$$. Cha-ching!





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  1. Hope Says:

    Thank you! I signed up for Mambo Sprouts last week! Looking forward to using the coupons!

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