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Are you kidding me?! September 2, 2009

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Do you remember discovering SIGG water bottles? I certainly do…in fact; I believe that was my popular Holiday gift of choice a few years back.  Thanks to some excellent blogs and  a little bit of investigating I have learned that the manufactures of SIGG bottles are in some hot water. They revealed that bottles produced before 2008 have a liner that contains Bispenol-A (BPA).  Bottles manufactured after 2008 have a BPA free liner. The bottles my children have been using are pre 2008 production. I am very disappointed and angry with myself for believing these bottles were the “healthy” option to traditional plastic bottles. I also find it interesting they have been sitting on this information for a year. (?)


Click here to help identify the BPA lining in your SIGG bottle.


If you would like to read more about this topic here are some informative blogs that discuss this subject in a very detailed and much clearer way than I ever could.     ZRecommends –  Crunchy Domestic GoddessGreenme


I am no longer using our old SIGG bottles and will not be buying SIGG products in the future. Perhaps the leaching is minimal, but it is more of a confidence issue for me.  I would like to hear your thoughts.




3 Responses to “Are you kidding me?!”

  1. Jerome Says:

    Hi Laura,
    I am so impressed with your blog. do you measure the hits you get? or the repeat hits? or the number of people who have subscribed using RSS? Good job.

    p.s. I am far to ‘mindful’ of money to throw away our SIGG bottles. There is a Toronto address on their website where they can be sent for full replacement. Perhaps I will drop them off when I go next to Toronto to save the cost and hassle of shipping a box. I will give them a chance to make good on their intent to keep customers. 🙂

  2. Lesley Says:

    I do love the SIGG, so this is disappointing. I won’t bother going to any trouble sending the old one back, mine is a few years old & looks like we backed over it with a cement truck.

    Any suggestions for other replacement? Need CDN supplier.


    • Heather Says:

      It’s definitely disappointing! Ours also have the copper lining … I think that we bought them in August 2008 (doesn’t that figure). I phoned the retailer where I bought the bottles, and they told me that they’d handle the exchange on my behalf.

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