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Frugal me – Frugal you? September 1, 2009

coupon_book[1] I discovered a website that offers coupons for natural and organic products!  It is called The Healthy Shopper and they produce an excellent coupon book in May with over $180 in savings that  is FREE and available in stores all across Canada. Unfortunately, it is so fantastic they disappear quickly. I have phoned every store here in Ottawa listed on the web site and they are out of stock.  There is good news though, you can register on line and receive e-coupons for household cleaning products, organic food, beverages and personal care products too. My recessive frugal gene kicks into high gear when I can get $1 off dish soap or organic almonds. Hey, every little bit helps. It is free to register, answer some questions then browse for coupons. It is an interesting site full of good information.  If you are on the fence about buying new organic or green products, a price reduction might encourage you to try them. It works for me!  I am off to clip some coupons…




2 Responses to “Frugal me – Frugal you?”

  1. Hope Says:

    That sounds awesome! Do you know if there is a U.S. equivalent? I will have to check that out…

  2. mindfulmerchant Says:

    I will do some investigating and get back to you – surely there must be something like this in the US . Stay tuned 🙂

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