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Mrs. Meyers I want to be your friend August 31, 2009

MM_LEM_APC_72[1] I recently professed my love for Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub.  One day my pal Heather gave me a present.  She knew how much I liked the Surface Scrub and surprised me with a  bottle of Mrs. Meyers All-Purpose Cleaner lemon verbena scent. (vacelmpt)  Isn’t that thoughtful?  

I was happy to try another product from this company.  It is  non-toxic, all natural, and very effective. Mrs. Meyers, you know your stuff girlfriend!  It does a great job all around the house, not just the kitchen. It makes everything smell fresh, clean and lovely. I especially like to use it to clean after cooking something pungent because it helps get rid of the smell.

I like the big 946 ml (32 fl oz) concentrate. Just recycle the Mrs. Meyers Countertop Spray Bottle or another bottle of choice; add a small amount or concentrate and fill with water. For heavy duty cleaning you can use it full strength. I have not found a need for that since the diluted cleaner does such a good job. It might seem pricey at first glance, but it will last forever. Armed with the All Purpose Cleaner and the Surface Scrub I can clean most of my house top to bottom without a lot of fuss. I should mention that all Mrs. Meyers Products are cruelty free. 

There are still other products from this company to try but so far, I am a fan. Mrs. Meyers, I invite you to come for tea sometime. You can meet my friend Heather…call first please so I can tidy.