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ding dong Delusions August 22, 2009

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After reading this blog, I hope you do not think I have the cleanest house in Canada. Hahaha!  Nothing could be farther from the truth! I really like to clean: it gives me a little thrill. Most days I feel I am behind the eight ball.  A pile of towels, dropped items, toys, and balled up socks dot the floor of the room I am in now.  (Hmmm…not too bad really)  I am married to my soul mate that has a multitude of outstanding qualities…yet I am almost certain he is missing a “clean gene” in his DNA. In our 12 years + of marriage he has never said, “I’m going to clean today”.  I should warn you that if our house is neat and tidy, do not open the storage room door!

I recently caught a clip of The Oprah Show where she knocks on unsuspecting peoples doors wanting to see what they were cooking for dinner. My first thought was “What if Oprah rang my doorbell right now?” My house is such a disaster that if she did, I would hide behind the couch, shushing my children as I pin them down to keep from running to the door. I would choose to forfeit meeting the Mighty O because my house is not perfect. I do admire people who keep tidy, immaculate homes.  You rock!

Just wanted to clear the air. It feels good.