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Legalizing Weed(s) August 20, 2009

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3450787717_e64384c740[1] April 22, 2009 was a significant day for my husband and his landscaping abilities. 250+ Pesticides were banned for cosmetic uses in the Province of Ontario. This meant he felt less guilty about the state of our lawn. Kidding aside, it is about time this legislation has come into effect. 

I love my garden. I loathe weeds. Roadside weeds are lovely blowing in the breeze. Next to my Peonies, that is a problem. Now that this ban rgyb[1]is in place, the battle to remove them from my flowerbeds has been a tough one. I have been looking for any tool to help do the job. I have broken/bent many a weed puller, darn weak little things. You could have putted golf balls in our yard after removing dandelions with a new standing extractor. Sure, the dandelion was gone but chunk of turf it took with it was the size of a small cantaloupe. On the bright side, we have many chipmunks that moved in that summer. You are welcome Chippy!

I stumbled upon a very odd-looking device at our local garden centre. Suspiciously, I questioned the cashier,”Does The Garden Bandit” work?” She sold me on all the wonderful things it does. (Warning to women, it looks like something your doctor might have used at your last physical). If you can get past that image, it actually frees the weeds without much effort. A quick scoop and they are in the yard waste bin. I use the small hand held device.  I like it so much I bought the telescopic model for my Mom (she has trouble bending)  Big bonus…it is a Canadian product!  yeah!

If you too are growing weed(s) in your yard and are not happy about it, you might want to try The Garden Bandit. Good luck with the battle.