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We should take this outside August 18, 2009

Have you ever realized you have been taking something dear to you for granted? A recent visit to my friend’s home made me come to my senses. I’m talking about support throughout the years, helping me budget, never giving up, no matter how big the load. Here is a big shout out to my portable, handy dandy clothes dryer. Yeahfe38cea23f05a0f8[1]!

Some municipalities prohibit clotheslines in backyards. It is hard to believe that currently these by-laws exist. Thankfully, our community recently lifted the ban and now we can freely air our laundry without fear of fines.

We are an active, messy, sweaty family. I shake my head at the amount of laundry we generate. Drying clothes on a line not only reduces energy consumption, it saves money too. Before I sound all green and mighty, I must confess that another reason I avoid the dryer is because I can’t really afford shrinkage in my clothing. (Not a lot of room to work with if you know what I mean.)

One challenge with the drying rack is wrinkles. Friend or foe? Some people are easy going when it comes to creases; others have mothers who iron underwear. I think there are three schools of thought on this issue. The first solution is to wear the garment, as is, no problem. The second is to throw the items in the dryer for a few minutes to eliminate some, but not all, of the wrinkles. The third (and this draws incredulous laughter) is to haul out the iron and smooth for crisp perfection. You have probably guessed that I fall into that last category. I will qualify that I like my cotton shirts pressed but I am o.k. with wrinkly underwear. Sorry Mom.

I used to think that all folding clothes dryers are the same. Not so! I have bought flimsy ones that broke, bent out of shape, rusted, and even blew over the neighbour’s fence. A company called Home Maid Deluxe Home Dryer makes the best one I have owned. I have only found it at Canadian Tire.  It is lightweight, durable, sturdy, holds a huge amount of clothes and looks quite fancy. It also folds up for easy storage. As I looked at my friend’s laundry drying in the summer breeze, Alli reminded me how I take for granted this clothes dryer. It was a good purchase.