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We all have a “thing”…don’t we? August 15, 2009

MM_LEM_Scr_72[1] I have an amazing, wonderful, loving Mother…bless her heart. My Mum has a “thing” with toilet bowls. The day of my sister’s wedding, we realized she was missing for the photos. I found her looking beautiful in Mother-of-the-bride blue, emotional and a wee bit stressed, scrubbing a toilet. Perhaps it is best not to analyze… but from that day forward, I realized Mum really appreciates a clean crapper.

One of my “things” is a clean, sparkly kitchen sink. I like the sun to shine into the sink and blind anyone that passes by. I even use an old toothbrush to get into little crevices around the drain (oddly satisfying, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). One natural, safe and effective way to clean a sink is baking soda. However, another one of my “things” is that I like something to smell good after I have cleaned it. All that hard work should result in a fresh lovely scent in my opinion.

My sister in law Tig introduced me to a great environmentally friendly product line called Mrs. Meyers. I find the Lemon Verbena Surface Scrub to be not only effective, it smells like a breezy summer day (in a retro looking shaker can). It does a good job, a little goes a long way, and my kitchen sink smells fresh and clean. Shiny, sparkly and satisfying. There are a multitude of uses for this product. Any time something calls for a little scouring action (stained tile grout, hardened ketchup on the counter etc.) I haul out the Mrs. Meyers and gently scrub the nastiness away. It works on nasty pots and pans and I once used it to get sun baked bird poop off patio furniture.

The instructions say “If you are facing a difficult stain, sprinkle our powdered scrub on a wet surface, lightly scrub and let sit for a few minutes. Make yourself a cup of coffee, finish reading the paper and then return for a final scrub. Your worries & stains will disappear.”

She speaks the truth. What a wise woman!



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  1. Wils Says:

    Great blog. We’re inundated with so many green products, we don’t know where to start. Nice to see that someone is trying to make sense of it in a practical way…. Oh, gotta go, I think I have some grimy grout calling my name.

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