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Stain in the Butt August 12, 2009

OxyStainRemover I think it only fitting to start with the most recent drama in my life…stain removal.    Now that I no longer use the standard brand names for conquering stains, our laundry has suffered…big time.  I have been experimenting with many of the natural, environmentally friendly stain removers on the market only to be very irritated at the money wasted on products that were ineffective. I expect “green” products to do the job I need them to do, like getting rid of big grass stain knees – and yes, I had tomato sauce for lunch, thanks for noticing.  For years, I have found comfort in the mantra “People will not judge me, or my child, by the spots on our clothing…it’s what’s INSIDE that counts”.   Well…whatever works.

Recently my daughter celebrated her birthday.   Six little girls, pottery and cake were the highlights.  I chose to wear white cotton Capri’s and felt great about the wardrobe selection.  By the time festivities were over the Capri’s were spotted with clay, chocolate and some odd coloured stain I sat in and frankly, do not want to identify.  With cautious optimism, I picked up a new laundry enhancer/spot remover hoping for a miracle.

Read the instructions and made a paste with water and the powder. (I recommend wearing gloves as the mixture got disconcertedly warm in my bare hands)  Let it sit for an hour then ran it through the regular cycle with a few extra scoops thrown in for good luck. Voila – good as new!  These past few days I’ve tested the product on really old, set-in stains and have been doing the fist pump shouting “YEAH!” when I retrieve laundry from the washer.  Call me crazy, but this makes me happy.

I hope that you have a neater lifestyle than I do.   If you are in need of a stain remover and are interested in going the “green route”, I have had good luck with this one…Nature Clean Oxy Stain Remover.  Bonus – it’s a Canadian product! 




5 Responses to “Stain in the Butt”

  1. Alice Lavendar Marsmellow White Says:

    Wow great website!! I love your commentary! keep it up!

  2. Jordan Says:

    This is a very good idea….always searching for green products. The problem, and yes, I am a guy so it is the problem, not my problem because, well, I am a guy, is the well earned but hard to remove collar on the suit shirts after a Global warming induced perspiration at work. Wondering if this product would help since none of the others seem to.

    • mindfulmerchant Says:

      No need to sweat it Jordan, this just might help you with your collar problem. Let me know how it works.

  3. Allison Says:

    Thanks so much! I have to get this product for my family. Great tip!!

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